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Green Business & Sustainability Professional (SUS-GBSP01)


Course Description

The Green Business and Sustainability certification course helps prepare students to meet the growing challenges and opportunities of our environmentally conscious business environment.
The world is changing in response to increasing social and marketplace forces that reward companies that consider the environmental impact of their business operations, and products and services. Students who complete our sustainability professional certification course will have a firm grasp on the green business principles and practices and how they add value to a company.
Over the course of your certification training you will learn how to:
• Recognize the business, marketplace and societal drivers that are encouraging companies to become more environmentally responsible
• Recognize opportunities and challenges that companies face when they seek to “go green”
• Create an Action Plan with key steps (actions and activities) needed to move a company down a green business path
• Identify the various tools and practices that can help a company continuously improve its greening efforts
• Create a company culture that supports green business goals
• Understand what success looks like when a company becomes completely “green”
Benefits of the Green Business Certification Program:
• The program is being developed by industry practitioners who have successfully worked on strategy for environmental responsibility, green business practices and implementation for hundreds of organizations.
• The focus of the program is on preparing students to be green business professionals within companies or public agencies
• It also provides students with a practical understanding and working knowledge of an emerging field that is in high demand worldwide


I. Green Business Overview
a. What is Green Business
b. Significance of “triple bottom line” thinking
c. Why being a green business is important
d. The price of not being green
e. Green Business issues, drivers and incentives
II. The Context of Green Business
a. Key environmental sustainability issues
b. Market forces driving the green business approach
c. Framing the challenges and opportunities of becoming a green business
III. The Business Case for Going Green
a. Succeeding in business within the limits of nature
b. Key studies show the value of green business strategy and practice
c. Leading company initiatives in green business
d. Introduction to footprint measurement and analysis
IV. Evaluate The Impact of Your Business
a. Assess and measure your impact: energy, water and waste
b. Survey your employees
c. Carbon foot printing and carbon management
d. Environmentally preferable purchasing and supply chain
V. Create a Strategy and Action Plan
a. Determine your priorities
b. Select targets, milestones and metrics
c. The data you need and where to find it
d. Explore barriers to implementation
e. Tips and case studies for implementing your plan
f. Measurement and tracking for accountability
VI. Integrate Green Business into your Business Model
a. Recognize the partners you need to be successful
b. Cultivate a company culture that supports green business
c. Build your green team for employee engagement
d. Increase employee awareness
e. Introduction to green product design & low carbon design solutions
f. The importance of internal communications
VII. Green Marketing
a. How, when and where to tell your green business story
b. The importance of transparency in stakeholder communications (customers, investors, shareholders and suppliers)
VIII. Opportunities and Resources in Green Business and Sustainability
a. Career opportunities
b. Key resources


6 months




The Green Business Certification course is essential for people working or preparing to work to help companies transform into green businesses. Green business & Sustainability Professionals must work in a way that meets financial objectives, operates within the limits of nature and meets society’s expectations.

There are no specific prerequisites for this course. Students should have basic keyboarding and computer skills, and be comfortable navigating the Internet. They must also have an understanding of a word-processing computer program (Microsoft Word recommended), and have emailing capabilities as well.





Chelsi Tryon grew up in the City of Angels in California and now reside in the City of sun in Phoenix, AZ. She has been involved in Sustainability for over 5 years, and worked in a variety of settings including higher education, private industry, governmental, and research institutions. Chelsi has a bachelor’s in Business with a concentration in Sustainability, and a master’s in Sustainable Solutions from Arizona State University. She enjoys exploring the outdoors and hope through my teaching she will help influence others to find the beauty in our one and only planet.


The following e-books will be provided to each student upon registration:

• Truth About Green Business
• Strategies For The Green Economy
• The Triple Bottom Line: Does It All Add Up?

Students will receive the textbook:
•The Big Pivot; Radically Practical Strategies for a Hotter, Scarcer, and More Open World by Andrew Winston

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