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Green IT - Information and Communications Technology (SUS-GRNIT-01)


Course Description

In recent years Information Technology (IT) and Information Communication Technology (ICT) have become the driving forces behind much of our social, economic, and political life worldwide. And the growing influence has created a huge need for qualified individuals with Green IT credentials. The convergence of IT and ICT is having an enormous impact on how we build, how we travel, and how we utilize our natural resources and protect the environment.

Our Green IT certification course is designed to help prepare individuals to become the sustainability leaders of the future. Our Green IT certification training is World Education Council certified and is ideal for professionals, including managers and technologists who do not directly manage ICT systems.

Our Green IT certification course will equip you with the skills you need to:

• Develop and execute enterprise-wide green IT initiatives
• Evaluate and demonstrate the financial and environmental life-cycle benefits derived from Eco-Efficiency and Eco-Innovation in IT
• Understand and implement systems design, procurement, operations, and end-of-life management.


I. Section I. Foundation: Concepts and Fundamentals for GreenIT
a. Basic Concepts - ICT, Sustainability, Green, and Greenwashing
b. The Effects of ICT on the Human and Natural Environment
c. The Role of ICT Innovation in Sustainable Development
II. Section II. Practical Application of Concepts to ICT Systems
a. Buildings and Infrastructure: ICT Connectivity, Building Space and Infrastructure Systems
b. Enterprise Systems: ICT Endpoints and Networks
c. Enterprise Systems: Printing and Imaging
d. Enterprise Systems: Servers and Data Centers
III. Section III. Business Case and Strategy for Enterprise Green ICT
a. Business Processes and Regulations for Green ICT
b. Developing and Delivering an Enterprise Green ICT Initiative


6 months




The Green IT certification course is targeted to technical and non-technical university-level graduates with management experience in public and private sector organizations. Individuals most likely to benefit from this course will be experienced managers in IT, Facilities, Architecture and Building Design, Procurement, Corporate Social Responsibility, or Sustainability Management that want to take a leadership role in advancing sustainability practices within their organization. Professionals providing services to enterprises, such as Architects and Consulting Engineers, will find the course to be very valuable. The course can be beneficial to individuals seeking to augment existing technical or management credentials for either career advancement or for a new career direction. The course may also be of interest to current university students pursuing technical or management studies in related fields.

Position(s) for which the course prepares students are: Green IT program leader, Chief Sustainability Officer, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Enterprise Energy Manager, IT Energy Efficiency Manager, IT Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Manager, Green Electronics Product Certification Manager, Not-for-Profit Sustainability Advocate or Program Manager, Architect, or Consulting Engineer.





Chelsi Tryon grew up in the City of Angels in California and now reside in the City of sun in Phoenix, AZ. She has been involved in Sustainability for over 5 years, and worked in a variety of settings including higher education, private industry, governmental, and research institutions. Chelsi has a bachelor’s in Business with a concentration in Sustainability, and a master’s in Sustainable Solutions from Arizona State University. She enjoys exploring the outdoors and hope through my teaching she will help influence others to find the beauty in our one and only planet.


This program does not require any additional purchases of supplementary materials.

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