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    Peer support is an important system for any professional in a high stress job. Peer support is a system that provides a resource of support from others with similar experiences. In this course, we will discover the history of how peer support started and explore some frightening statistics that show what professionals go through without this valuable system.

    How children with disabilities learn depends upon their relationship with their parents and teachers. This Language Based Learning Disabilities course provides help for parents, teachers, and caregivers by discussing how to foster positive relationships, how to accurately assess disabilities, and how to support children both at home and at school. This course covers how to have children assessed, how to support and form strong bonds with them, and the major language disabilities: dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. This course also explains how these children often struggle with auditory and visual processing skills, so you'll learn about information processing, memory, and sustaining their attention (we will also discuss ADHD).